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Conductor, Don’t Put Me Off the Train” and “Tillie Tootie the Coney Island Beauty.” In 1899, he scored his first big success with “How’d You Like to Be the

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York in the 1890s to try his luck as a writer and seller of sheet music. Inspired by the city, he co-authored vaudeville-style comic songs such as “Please Mr.

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In fact, the idea of the ice-delivery man flirting with stay-at-home wives was such a trope that it inspired a hit song. Composer J. Fred Helf left Kentucky for New

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In the 1950s, when the local dairy made home deliveries, the same jokes circulated about the milkman. And before that? Well, in the latter part of the 1890s, it was the iceman who took the blame for leading women astray.

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THERE’S A TASTELESS WISECRACK PEOPLE sometimes make about kids with a different hair color than their father. “Does the mailman have red hair?” some jokester will inevitably ask.

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It’s wrong to say, ‘Oh, peasants—what a horrible life they led,’” Janega says. “They had really hard work, and life was difficult. But they were also really into having fun.”

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Ultimately, the peasants of Europe in the Middle Ages loved many of the same things we do today, except with a particular penchant for communal brawls.

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drank beer. Many actually brewed beer in their own homes, and made other fermented drinks, like brandy, out of pears or plums.

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And, of course, peasants everywhere shared in that one eternal pastime that began long before them—and may outlive us all: drinking. While lords drank wine, peasants

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And when seasonal fruits came to harvest, they binged on berries and drupes. “For a medieval peasant, cherries were really the good stuff,” Janega says.

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